“When Jesus returns to this earth, He will be flying His flag.”


Chapter 12, Page 120 –

Every monarch and every country has a symbol, a coat of arms, a flag that symbolizes that ruling entity. This flag needs to be unique in order to be recognized as standing for one and only one entity – like the flag of Jamaica, or the flag of India, or the flag of the United States. 

For God, the symbol of His sovereignty, the symbol of His right to be worshiped as the Lord God Creator, is a slice of time, unique in its configuration. This slice of time is not demarcated by the sun or the moon or the stars or the earth. It is defined simply by His right as Creator and Lord to declare it to be so – every seventh day. I leave it to you, in your study of the Sabbath which I suggested earlier (and that I hope you are going to undertake, maybe for the first time), to discover how the Sabbath symbolizes all the various parts of God=s Covenant Grace-Faith Relationship with us. 

For now, just know: The Sabbath is the flag of God. When Jesus returns to this earth, He will be flying His flag. Satan wants to take God’s place as the ruler of the universe and wants the people of the earth to worship him, instead of God (see Isaiah 14:12-14). He has already attempted to replace God’s flag with a flag of his own devising (Daniel 7:25).

But believe me: when Jesus returns to this earth, He returns as the Lord of the Sabbath – and He will be flying His flag.

Do you remember the pictures of those countries that were liberated from tyranny by American troops and how the people welcomed those troops by waving American flags? When Jesus returns, the people who belong to Him and who are waiting to be liberated on this earth will be waving His flag.