“What one item is to have our all-consuming attention as Seventh-day Adventists, so you think?”


Chapter 17, Page 165 –

At this Time of the End, in this age of increasing chaos in the world, what one item is to have our all-consuming attention as Seventh-day Adventists Christians, do you think? Take a look at the words and the ideas that Jesus presented to His disciples in Matthew 24:6-12 and compare them to our world. Is it wars in Afghanistan or the Sudan? Earthquakes in Japan or Chile? Famine in Somalia? Is it the tribulation of Christians in Uzbekistan or in Vietnam? Is it a falling away in Australia or in the United States? What about false prophets in super market tabloids? Lawlessness in the Catholic Church or in the Seventh-day Adventist Church? All of these ideas are mentioned by Jesus. And then he says: “. . . but the end is not yet. You’re getting close. But the end is not yet.”

Let’s keep looking at Matthew 24 and review the long series of events that Jesus mentioned from verse 15 and onward. Are these to consume our interest? What about the abomination of desolation in verse 15? Is that it? What about the great tribulation in verse 21? The false christs and prophets in verse 23 and 24? The false signs and wonders in verse 24? How about the false second coming in verse 26? Should that consume our time and interest? How about the signs in the sun, moon, and stars in verse 29? You and I know many people from our home churches who are concerned about these very important signs of the Time of the End.

But what’s the one event that is to be the all-consuming event to the Remnant, something that they should be doing? Especially when they know that (like John the Baptist or Elijah) they are the visible Remnant, functioning in and by the power of the same Holy Spirit who enlivened Elijah and John the Baptist, and are to call out the invisible Remnant?