“There are so many theories about the Second Coming of Jesus because . . . He hasn’t come yet.”


Chapter 3, Page 25 –

Every Christian knows that Jesus is coming again. Right? In the New Testament, more is said about the Second Coming of Jesus than about any other topic. One verse in every twenty-five address this event. And most mainline conservative churches teach that Jesus is coming again. All the Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches teach that Jesus is coming again. But there the similarities end.

Let me illustrate the problem. Let’s say that you live in Ohio and you’re coming to see me. You send me a letter in the mail telling me that you are coming to see me. In the letter you describe how you will arrive when you come, what you will be wearing when you come, who will be with you when you come, that you will have a big brass band with you when you come (because you are such an important person). But you don’t tell me when you are coming. Yes, you tell me about other events that will be happening around the same time as when you come, but you don’t give me a specific date.

A long time passes and I’ve been watching for you to come. But after a while I get tired of waiting. Finally, I try to decide what happened. I reason that maybe you aren’t coming at all, or you came when I wasn’t home and I missed the whole happy event, or actually you came in some other way, through an e-mail or a photograph or . . .  You see, the difficulty is that – you haven’t come yet.

Do you understand the problem? There are so many theories about the Second Coming of Jesus because . . . He hasn’t come yet. And theories about His Coming run rampant.

However, this fact remains: Jesus is coming back to earth. To this earth. Our planet. And at His coming a great many changes will take place. The Scriptures record earthquakes, the dead coming to life, the end of deception and temptations, a massive loss of life and a great cleansing fire – all at His coming.}