Chapter 1, Page 7 –

Hello. Come sit down next to me – right here – or in that chair across from me, if that is more comfortable. And welcome.

Or, more realistically, perhaps you’re on a backpack trip and are sitting by a campfire – or on a commuter train going to work – or on an airplane at 30,000 feet on a trip to see your relatives in Idaho.

Actually, I don’t know where you might be sitting. But I would like to talk with you up close and personal – as if we were sitting across from one another in a mountain retreat, before a fireplace, or at an early morning breakfast table. I would like to pretend that you are not reading a book – but that, in fact, we are having a very personal, face-to-face conversation.

I’m sorry. Please excuse me for being so blunt and forward – since we just met – but I really would like to talk with you about what is probably the most curiously hard question in your life that pertains to you as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. And this conversation will require some very personal discussion on my part and some close personal searching on your part.