“Following is not about behavior; following is about belief.”


Chapter 16, Page 158 –

Wait a minute! Where’s Jesus? He’s not in the boat. Where is He? You and the other disciples look back at the beach. Jesus is still standing there. The wild man is on his knees in front of Jesus and they are having a conversation. And you want the answer to only one question. Why is Jesus still standing there?

When you are in trouble, Jesus never abandons you. Remember Matt 28:20, “And I am with you always, even to the end of the world.” Jesus recognizes a brother who is in trouble, a brother who cannot even speak for himself. The demons inside of him have taken control of his speech and his actions. But the man is crying out for help. And Jesus knows it. Jesus is not going anywhere until this man is free to choose.

Can you relate to this man’s pain – his physical pain, his mental pain, or his spiritual pain? Have you ever felt like this man, trapped in such agony, such desperation? There is no way out. You are totally surrounded. Do you feel like this now?

Jesus does not leave him. Jesus helps him. Jesus frees him! The demons are gone and the man is in charge of his own mind again.

Here is my point: Do you think this man now has a relationship with Jesus? Do you think this man feels any emotional attachment to Jesus? Would the words “thankful” or “grateful” be strong enough to express how this man feels right now?

And how does Jesus feel about this man? Is the word “love” sufficient to describe how Jesus feels about him?

Jesus and this man have established Covenant with each other. In this encounter they have exchanged friendship and bonds that are closer than blood relationships. Like Abraham, this man believes. You’d better believe it: This man believes in Jesus.

And like the disciples that Abraham was making, this man will now follow Jesus – to the ends of the earth, if necessary. Wherever Jesus goes, this man wants to go, too. Following is not about behavior; following is about belief. Hear me again:  Following is not about behavior; following is about belief.