“During the final events of earth’s history, God will speak, but not through dead people.”


Chapter 12, Page 119 –

No one had to teach this doctrine to the Adventists; it was already commonly believed. It wasn’t until the middle 1800’s that going directly to heaven or hell when you die became popular among main-line Protestants, along with spiritualism. The teaching about the State of the Dead seemed like a no-brainer in 1844.  

Today when we introduce this Scriptural teaching during evangelistic meetings, it is just the opposite. Very few believe this Bible teaching today. Most people believe that when you die you go directly to heaven or hell. They do not understand that what they believe is exactly the opposite of the teaching of Jesus.

Here’s why. Satan wants us to believe that we are as gods, that we will not surely die (Genesis 3:4-5). If, at death, we go straight to heaven or hell, then there is no resurrection, there is no sin, there is no judgment, there is no sanctuary, and there is no final end to sin and to Satan.

But there’s a larger issue here. If we continue in some kind of conscious state after death, especially if the living think that the dead have gone to heaven to be with God, then they can also expect that the dead would try to communicate with them here on earth.