“Are you moving toward the Light or away from the Light?”


Chapter 13, Page 134 –

“The hour of His judgment has come.” This is not a future event. The judgment and the revelation as to who is, and who is not, in a Covenant Grace-Faith Relationship with God is going on right now in the Heavenly Sanctuary, the Heavenly Court and Throne Room, and has been since the beginning of the Heavenly Day of Atonement in 1844 (see Daniel 8:14). Although these decisions will not be revealed until Jesus comes again, you and I are already telling everyone how we stand in the judgment.

Jesus explained to Nicodemus the very simple way that He has of knowing whether someone is saved or lost. And it’s quite simple really. The final judgment is the answer to this question: Are you moving toward the Light or away from the Light? (Read John 3:18-21 for a more complete understanding.) 

Here’s the Question:  Will you be part of the First Resurrection or the Second Resurrection as Jesus described them in John 5:29? 

Answer:  Are you moving toward Jesus or away from Jesus?}