“According to Matthew 24:14, there’s only one more flag to go.”


Chapter 16, Page 156 –

Like Braeden and the orange flags, throughout our discussions you and I have been following our own set of flags. We know where we stand. Just as Jesus explained to the disciples, we can see the events behind us and we can see the events still to come. We know what’s in the pipe. We know where we are.

In the Seventh-day Adventist Church, this overview of events behind us and before us, the events that you’ve just read in the Gospel of Matthew, collectively we call them the Great Controversy. We can see – by looking at all the flags that we have passed and the very few flags yet to come – that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is an end-time church. In fact, according to Matthew 24:14, there is only one more flag to go. All of the other events that Jesus described have already happened. Only verse 14 is yet to be fulfilled. I could show you the same thing in Revelation 12. All of the verses have happened. Only verse 17 is yet to be fulfilled. 

Why am I telling you this little story about Braeden and the flags – when I’m supposed to be talking with you about what a disciple actually does? Because I want you to be impressed that the time is short. We don’t have any fooling around time. Everything we discuss, everything we undertake as a church of the Time of the End is as serious as a heart attack. We must pay attention – to who we are and what we are to do. There’s only one flag to go.